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Art allows me to focus in an otherwise hectic world.

My inspiration comes from my surroundings, moments that stuck in my mind, thoughts or feelings. The ideas and even the artworks find their final form on the way and often the end results surprise me.


I currently work with a few different mediums; oil, ink, pencil and various printmaking techniques. While working, I make fast decisions mainly based on how I’m feeling, avoiding too much planning. I am constantly learning and by experimenting I am able to find new ideas to work.




2019-2021  Pekka Halosen Akatemia
                       Visual and Media Arts

2015-2021  Malta School of Art

           2018  Malta University Faculty of Media & Knowledge Sciences
                       Introduction to Illustration (short course)

2010-2015  Glasgow University
                       MA in French and Italian


Group exhibitions

iMprint V Intaglio Print Biennial - 2021    Malta Society of Arts

PHA Final Year Exhibition - 2021               Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki
MUT Centenary Art Exhibition - 2019        Malta Union of Teachers   

Spring Exhibition – 2019                             Malta School of Art

Notte Bianca – 2018                                    Malta School of Art


Intern at Art Sweven - March 2021 onwards

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